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We have combined smart engagement features

with intuitive listening tools

to help you do your work better, fasterfor less.

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We consolidate your social communications into a single cohesive relationship platform that reaches your consumer touch points across social media, messaging, and owned channels.


Listen to your customers & speed up your response time with a unified inbox. Deploy your social CM efforts at scale with smart automated tools.

Social Customer Care

Build customer service into your social strategy. Be consistent and attentive with your clients care and make every customer interaction count


Provide relevant and timely engagement by pinpointing assigned messages. Task team members , inform context with custom workflows.

Why Choose Us?

We help you enable meaningful conversations at scale, from day 1

Social media comments impact sales and brand equity. We provide a proactive approach to managing engagement to interact with your audiences at scale and drive 1-to-1 conversations that foster meaningful relationships and dramatically increase lifetime customer value.

We help you stay in phase with your customers

Intuitive features will keep you in phase with your customers and enable you to do your work in less time. Compelling tools help you put your customers at the heart of your business, Increase exposure, Improve traffic, generate leads and grow fan loyalty, 

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Social Management tools that allow you, from day 1,
to increase exposure, generate leads and grow fan loyalty

“Trust is built when someone experiences a brand that acknowledges a problem and then works to address it”.

Start simple. Be realistic. Deliver results from day 1

Social Media Managers

Spend less time with manual tasks and more time giving your audience what it wants: authentic and personalized experiences. Be there for your customers  and leverage the power of the smart inbox.

Reputation Defenders

Monitor and moderate social activities of your brand. Create customizable streams and workflows to effectively listen to the voice of the customer and protect your brand and loyal fans.

Social Customer Care

Deliver the kind of relevant, responsive social care that creates long-term satisfaction and loyalty. For proven results, use a holistic CX approach to access information easily and rapidly.


We scale with your business objectives and team efforts

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Hodos Analytix accepts payments via credit card or PayPal, entered into the app, and charged on a monthly or annual basis.
You can switch plans at any time.
Yes, You can cancel your subscription anytime you wish. If you cancel before the end of a billing period, you’ll retain access until that billing period is over, There are no refunds.
Your registered card will automatically be used to pay for your subscribed services each time it renews. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Hodos Analytix is PCI SAQ-A compliant. Payment transactions are outsourced to third-party payment processors compliant to PCI-DSS Level 1.

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