How to quickly get started on Hodos Analytix

Welcome to Hodos Analytix BETA. Here are 6 steps that will explain how to register, save your social profile, create your project and access the analyzes of your Facebook Pages.



Register your email and password on

Confirm your password,

Check your email

You will receive a confirmation email that your registration is effective.

You can now start using the app by simply returning to .

You will be quickly guided to a page where you can add your Facebook page.

Add your social profile

At this stage you will be escorted by FACEBOOK LOGIN protocols to give you secure access to your account.


Connect your Facebook account

Facebook login will ask you to securely connect your account and will inform you of what you will be accessing.

Before your access your account, Facebook will inform you of what it allow you do on Hodos Analytix dashboards;  Read your Posts, your Posts performance, your engagement and to write on your wall. Your Facebook Page or Pages will be listed on your dashboard .


Import your Pages

The name of your page or pages that you have selected will be displayed in your dashboard

Click on See Data

Your data will be imported and it is likely that you will have to wait one to two minutes depending on the volume of your data.

Your Posts are displayed in chronological order.

Content: Content of your Post

Date: Date of Post

Image: Post Image

Like: Number of Likes

How: Number of Comments

Share: Number of Shares


Create your Project

Select the Post (s) you wish to analyze

 Name your project in the CREATE PROJECT tab. For this demonstration we have named the project “Project 1”.




You are ready to use your posts analysis dashboards. Click on SEE ANALYSIS and you will be guided through your dashboards.

I always advise professionals to systematically read a selection of their clients’ comments. By reading the comments you can access the priceless human dimension of engagement and benefit from a source of additional information for your decision-making.

You can access other resources at


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    Thank you for sharing this nice web-site.

    • Omar Alaoui

      Wow thanks

      We will be opening the access to free trials very soon. If you would like to be part of the Beta users please send your email or wait for the Beta release


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