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Sentiment analysis

Pinpoints the polarity of text . The user can pinpoint the negative comments from the neutral and positive comments.

Social Inbox

Manage all your streams of  social messages in one inbox. Respond, engage and categorize messages for your workflow.

Crisis Analyser
Extract the text comments and reviews that are indicative of negative claim, complaint, to detect the premises of crisis.
Intent Analyser
Extracts the text comments and reviews that are indicative of purchasing related intent expressed in terms of purchase intentions, desires, or abandonments and requests for guidance or advice.
Brand Guard
Keep your social media pages free from spam and inappropriate comments, harmful to your loyal fans. Receive email alerts, take action and clean your property from offensive and toxic content 24/7.
Brand Passion Index

Measure the tone of your customers conversations about your brand  and the emotions and semantic attributes that your clients discuss. You can use these insights to drive your brand messaging, increase your share of voice, and strengthen your brand loyalty.  It allows to see whether you are doing Ok or doing Great and shows a clear indicator of success.

Topic Analysis
Extract the most frequent topics in your comment feed. This will allow to know what your customers and fans are most talking about. The tool requires a minimum of 50 comments to be applicable.
Language Filter
Parse your data per language. Applicable languages are English, French, Arabic.
Language Filter
Parse your data per language. Applicable languages are English, French, Arabic.

Save time and money by automating time consuming  tasks and engagement with a smart tool box . 

  • Add rules to prioritize engagement
  • Monitor influencers and brand Vips
  • Tackle brand disruptors with smart tracking tools
  • Stay ahead of events with custom tasks
Opinion Analysis 

Guide your strategy with sentiment scoring from clients preferences, needs and wants.

  • Intercept Customer buying inquiries
  • Improve lead flow
  • Decrease customer churn
  • Lead your innovation effort with customer experience
Brand Protection 

Unchecked, the Comment sections can become fertile grounds for toxic chatter and unanswered complaints.

  • Remove harmful comments and protect the brand and your loyal fans
  • Screen chatter that distracts your message and conversations
  • Automatically detect and hide highly negative comments
  • Trigger alerts and route your comments to your workflow
Content Strategy 

Uncover the trending topics in your market that can boost  brand messaging and align your campaign.

  • Learn what topics people are discussing across your campaigns
  • Inform ideas for new products or services
  • Provide highly-targeted advertising to customers
  • Access content ideas your audience will engage with

Build and Plan your Publishing strategy from  a centralized platform 

  • Create, add images, videos, tags
  • Get your posts approved by your workflow
  • Queue your campaigns
  • Check out your Post analytics